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Social Challenges Appreciation
about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 13, 2023 at 06:00:16 PM

Hello Friends!

We wanted to take a moment to spotlight our fans on social media. You are AMAZING! We've seen such creativity and joy in your submissions and want to thank you for bringing that fire to this campaign. For those of you here that are participating, feel free to drop a link to your Social Challenge Post on the main comments section! We're super proud of everything you do and we want you to share it!

This is just a TINY portion of all of the amazing stuff you do!

How to Participate

If you're new here, we've got a brief recap of how you can help:

What Are Social Goals?

First, for those of you who are unfamiliar with social goals in a Kickstarter campaign, they are simple. We set out a list of things to do and post on social media, we assign a number of people that have to do each thing on the list, and at the end of each completed list, we unlock a bonus for the campaign!

How Do I Participate?

All you have to do is post your submission on either Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok and @TheMaestroTeam & @portablemoose with the hashtag #StangeNightmares. From there, we will add your submission to our count for the social goal! Your submission will not be counted if we are not tagged in the post or if the hashtag is not used, so be careful before posting!

What Do We Unlock?

For each social goal we complete, we will unlock a group of cards from The Nightmares Deck. The Nightmares Deck is a deck of alternate art cards where we take cards from the game and hand them off to an amazing artist who then creates another version of that card’s art in their own spectacular style!

Remember to post your awesome submissions in the comments!

~The Maestro Team

Last Thursday's Event & Upcoming Livestream
about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 13, 2023 at 01:34:01 PM

Hello Friends,

We apologize for being a bit quiet the last few days, we were on a fulfillment center visit, but we're BACK, and we have some really awesome stuff to talk about. 

First, let's start with the event we hosted on Thursday night at Bold Escape Rooms in Pittsburgh, PA, US. It was an amazing opportunity to share the game and hear in-person feedback as we finalize the development of the game. 

We had 3 rounds of Strange Nightmares gaming with 5 prototypes set up. In between rounds, the groups got to experience the Escape Rooms, we had some delicious local pizza, and Steve was an autographing machine!

Thank you to the fans who came out, a huge thank you to the fans who brought us their original artwork, and a special shoutout to the fans who drove up from Raleigh, NC just to be a part of the event (that's an 8+hr car ride!).

I'm bummed that we won't be able to do this in every city in the world - believe me, I wish we could! But I'm thrilled to say that we will be at 3 upcoming conventions this year if you'd like to join us. First up:

  • UK Games Expo - Friday June 2-4 in Birmingham, UK
  • Gen Con - Thursday August 3-6 in Indianapolis, IN, US - we might be looking for more Demoers at Gencon!
  • Spiel (Essen) - Thursday October 5-8 in Essen, DE (Germany)

We would love to see you there and play demos of the game with you. In fact, by Gen Con, and definitely by Essen, we will have a preview copy of the game from the manufacturer!

Livestream March 14th

With the US having moved to Daylight Saving Time this last weekend, our times are a little funky for the rest of the world. We'll be livestreaming at 5pm EASTERN/2pm PACIFIC which is now 9pm GMT. We're answering fan questions about the Kickstarter, chatting, and we will have a few big announcements! Make sure you join us!

~ The Maestro Team

Here's to You, The Nightmares Deck, & A Live Event?!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 09, 2023 at 12:01:49 PM

Hello Friends!

We're ten days into the campaign, and wow - we've hit some amazing milestones regarding backers and funding. But really it's all about the community that's been built so far, and that's all about you. We have had some really amazing conversations in the comments as well as during the livestreams. So thank you all for being active and engaged, it's truly incredible. If you missed the last livestream, make sure to check that out below!

Steve and Maestro on Stream!

On stream, some folks in chat were demanding Steve in a Cape. We accidentally typed cake and it led to some super sweet (pun intended) drawings from the community of both!

Steve in a Cap(k)e

And the fun doesn't stop with just the Kickstarter comments or streams either. As you have all seen (or at least we hope you have seen!) we have been running Social Goals for over a week now!

Social Goals Galore!

We are currently on Group 5 of the goals as you guys just keep cruising through all of them. It is always a joy to see all of your submissions! As for what these goals are for, here are all the cards you wonderful people have unlocked so far! 

20 Unlocks Already?!

These are all in a deck called The Nightmares Deck, and it's full of amazing new art from fans on existing cards. These cards are exclusive to the Deluxe version of the game, Super Strange Nightmares.

And again we cannot say this enough, but thank you to each and every one of you who have supported us during this campaign. Whether it has been through backing the Kickstarter, participating in the Social Goals, or simply just talking about the Kickstarter with others, you have been thus far - and undoubtedly will continue to be - an amazing group that we are lucky to have!

One last thing to mention before we close out this update: Steve Gabry and Maestro Media will be at Bold Escape Rooms in Pittsburgh TONIGHT to celebrate the Kickstarter! There are still a few tickets available if you're in or around Pittsburgh, PA. Click the image below for details! 

We hope to see you there!

We look forward to chatting with you more in the comments! A big thank you one last time from Maestro Media and Steve Gabry as this has been an amazing 10 days. You all are truly special <3.

~The Maestro Team

Do You Have Strange Nightmares or Super Strange Nightmares?
about 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 08, 2023 at 06:26:40 PM

Hello Friends,

Let's talk about Strange Nightmares and Super Strange Nightmares, the two versions of the game we're offering during the Kickstarter.

Strange Nightmares is the Retail Version of the game (MSRP $45-50) that’s available at the $40 Strange Nightmare tier and $135 Retail Strange Nightmares tier. It will include only the Stretch Goals marked with ‘+ Retail’ on the stretch goal graphic on the Campaign page. If you're just dipping your toes into the Sally Face waters, this is a great entry level option for you.

If you want the exclusive experience, however, you can't do better than Super Strange Nightmares, the deluxe Kickstarter/pre-order exclusive version of the game! This will never be sold by us or distributors outside of the campaigns and select conventions. Not only does this version of the game contain ALL unlocks from the campaign, but it includes upgraded components as well! The unlocks included are both the Stretch Goals (see the Stretch Goal Chart on the campaign page) and the Social Goal unlocks (if all challenges are completed that will be a total of around 50 Nightmare Deck cards plus a special unlock for completing all challenges).

In the base version of the game, the standees and player tokens will be punchboard (cardboard). In Super Stange Nightmares, these standees and tokens will be printed on acrylic. That includes all 4 (soon to be 5 when we hit the 5th Player Stretch Goal) player standees, all 4 (soon to be 5) player tokens, and all 18 enemy standees.

What’s more, the game’s dice also get an awesome upgrade - in the Super Strange Nightmares version, they GLOW IN THE DARK!

Super Strange Nightmares is included in all tiers except the CREEPER Tier ($1), STRANGE NIGHTMARES Tier ($40), RETAIL STRANGE NIGHTMARES Tier ($135), and STRANGE BOXES Tier ($375).

Let’s keep unlocking things to make both versions of the game even more awesome for everyone!

~The Maestro Team

New Strange Boxes Tier, Added Item in Stretch Goal, Livestream 2 Immanent
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 07, 2023 at 01:55:47 PM

Hi Friends,

Quick and huge info dump! First, we've had a lot of people express interest in Strange Boxes, so we've added a tier just for you! This $375 tier is a Kickstarter exclusive price and is called "Strange Boxes." It includes just the quarterly delivery of Strange Boxes and a FREE Addison Tea Cup & Saucer Set. That's all 12 shirts, all 12 art prints, all 12 bonus swag items and the entire prequel mystery to whet your appetite for more Sally Face.

Added another item to the $250K Stretch Goal!

I don't think we can say it enough, we LOVE this community, your passion and excitement is amazing and we wanted to give you more! Not only will the $250K Stretch Goal unlock a 5th Player option for the game (along with new player board, player token, and standee), but it will now also include the, currently in testing, SOLO MODE!  While we're not ready to discuss the intricacies of Solo Mode, since we're still working on it and playtesting it. At a high level, you choose a character to play as and the other characters are all helpers that give you an action boost. Don't worry, we'll talk more about it when we're done playtesting it, just know for now we're getting a Solo Mode at $250K! This will make the game 1-5 players instead of 2-4!

Livestream Happening Now!

We're just moments away from the second livestream, join us by clicking the image below!

Click to view livestream

~The Maestro Team