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Friday Lore Drop!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 17, 2023 at 01:18:48 PM

Hello Friends!

If you haven't been watching the Livestreams, HERE, HeRe, hErE, and here, you've been missing all the purposeful... and accidental Sally Face Lore that Steve's been casually dropping. Did you know that Sal's favorite dessert is Cinnamon Rolls? 

We do try to avoid those Lore Drops during streams so we can focus on answering questions about the Kickstarter, Strange Nightmares, and Strange Boxes... but that doesn't mean we don't want more lore in our lives. So with just 2 weeks left in the campaign, Steve has decided to start dropping little tidbits every so often in these updates. Every update that has a piece of Lore, we'll label with Lore Drop so you don't miss any! Here's the first:

So the real question... almost like a second question of the day… is WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VENDING MACHINE GUY?! We'd love to hear what you think happened to him, drop a comment and tell us your Vending Machine Guy headcanon.

Question of the Day!

It's that time again! Every time I write this I imagine a little popsicle stick with googly eyes singing a little jingle, the 90's were a strange time. Check the bottom of every day's update for the QotD and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments!

Today's Question: Who is your favorite character and why? [NO SPOILERS!]

Get in the comments and let us know!

~The Maestro Team

We’ve Hit a New Stretch Goal!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 16, 2023 at 11:22:33 AM

We have officially hit our $215,000 Stretch Goal! We just unlocked an absolutely amazing Box Sleeve from the incredibly talented Lilly Martin! The box sleeve is available at any tier that includes the Super Strange Nightmares (aka the Deluxe) version of the game! Shown below is a sketch of the Box Sleeve. We will be revealing the final design in the near future!

Sketch of Box Sleeve Art

This marks the eighth stretch goal we have hit this campaign, with more to come! Here’s a look at the other seven!

With that our next stretch goal is $250,000 - where we will be unlocking both a fifth playable character for the game AND a solo mode! This takes the game from being for 2-4 players to being for 1-5 players! Remember that all these unlocks are because of your support: We can’t thank you all enough for joining us as we begin the second half of this Kickstarter campaign! We have Stretch Goals planned well beyond $250,000; so if you haven’t already make sure to tell everyone and their dog about this Kickstarter so we can keep smashing through as many unlocks as we can!

And, as always, if you have any questions check out the Campaign’s FAQ page or feel free to drop them in the comments!

Question of the Day!

It's the Question of the Day time! Check the bottom of every day's update and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments!

Today's Question: What drew you to want to play/back Sally Face? [or] How did you discover Sally Face?

Get in the comments and let us know!

~The Maestro Team

March 14th Livestream Recap
about 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 15, 2023 at 10:06:21 AM

Hey Friends,

If you missed the livestream, you can catch the replay HERE.

First, we answered a ton of questions. I'll briefly sum them up here as best I can, but seriously, go check out the livestream for all your Q's A'd!

How Do I Purchase Add-Ons?

All you need to do now is pledge, at any level. The sweet merch and additional games will then be available after the Kickstarter is over in our pledge manager. The pledge manager, Backerkit, acts as a store allowing you to add anything you'd like to your cart. Keep in mind that add-ons are slightly more expensive individually than they would be in one of the tiers, so if you see a tier that has everything you want, GET THAT TIER!

How Do I Help With Stretch Goals?

You can add bonus support to your pledge very easily - we made a guide in this UPDATE. Bonus support will act like a gift card in the pledge manager, allowing you to pay upfront for shipping costs and/or any add-ons you know you want. If you can afford it, we highly recommend doing this because it helps us achieve more Stretch Goals, and Stretch Goals are free bonus extras!


That's right, during the stream we added another Stretch Goal to unlock at $215,000. It's an amazing Box Sleeve by the incomparable Lilly Martin! This sleeve is for any tier that includes the Super Strange Nightmares (Deluxe) version of the game and will mark you as one of the cool people who were here at the beginning.

Sketch of Box Art/Sleeve shown, final design coming soon


As we've done every livestream, we've added a bonus social goal. It unlocks an additional card in The Nightmares Deck. 

This stream’s bonus social goal is: Draw Steve as a furry/draw Steve's Fursona

If you'd like to participate, show us your art with the hashtag #StrangeNightmares and tag @portablemoose & @themaestroteam!

This is in addition to our current challenges:

To participate, head to Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, and post your picture/video. Make sure to tag @portablemoose (@portablemoose1 on TikTok) and @TheMaestroTeam and use the hashtag #StrangeNightmares.

For the first one head to and click that little heart icon to become a fan!

We'll be livestreaming again NEXT TUESDAY, March 21st at 5 pm Eastern (9 pm GMT). Don’t miss your chance to chat with creator Steve Gabry and The Maestro Team!

On the final week of the campaign, we're changing things up and will not be streaming that Tuesday. Instead, we're going to do a final night stream on Thursday, March 30th, where we'll be counting down the last hours of the Kickstarter with everyone!

Question of the Day!

We're starting a new section in the updates because you're awesome and we want to know more about you! Check the bottom of every day's update and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments

Today's Question: How long have you been a fan of Sally Face?

Get in the comments and let us know!

See you soon!

~The Maestro Team

Social Challenge #6 | Livestream Reminder!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 14, 2023 at 01:50:05 PM

Hello Friends!

It's time for a new round of Social Goals! The challenges get harder (stranger) and wackier as we climb the ladder. This time around we're looking for:

Head to Sally Face Page (linked) and click that little heart button to let people know you're excited about the game!

That's right, we're looking for 12 people to create 12 headstones for the characters of Sally Face. Feel free to get creative with what you use to craft these headstones. (I personally want to see some mashed potato art).

Where are our bakers at? It's your time to shine! We're looking for 9 people to create Sally Face-themed cakes, cookies, or other food. (Maybe some mashed potatoes? Just a suggestion).

Who still has a mail slot?! We need you to drink tea through it! 6 of you to be exact. And if you don't have a mail slot, get creative and drink out of a mailbox. I expect to see something wacky. (If you somehow get mashed potatoes in this one you either did something horribly wrong or horribly right. I’m going to go with horribly right.)

What card art did we unlock for Social Goals #5?

Here's a look at what you beautiful people unlocked with the last round of social goals:

Here's some more incredible art from @Otakubartender and first looks at the sketches from @verymerrymart and @/nana_shaaaa. The final card is from @BessesseN, who you may remember is the fantastic artist who is creating our Tarot Deck art. They've spoiled us and drew a couple of pieces for The Nightmares Deck as well! Let us know which card is your favorite in the comments!

Livestream SOON!

Here's another reminder that the livestream with creator Steve Gabry, Beneeta, and Dustin from the Maestro Team is happening at 5 pm EASTERN TIME. That's 9 pm GMT! Don't miss your chance to ask your questions in chat.

We'll see you tonight!

~The Maestro Team

Week Two Recap | Livestream Link
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 14, 2023 at 09:09:44 AM

Hello Friends,

Can you believe it? We're already 2 weeks into this campaign?

Can you believe it? We're only 2 weeks into this campaign?

Time has both flown by and stood still and here we are!

What Have We Unlocked?

We are halfway through our deep descent (or should we say ascent?) into the Addison Apartments! At the halfway mark of the campaign we have hit $211,250 unlocking 7 Stretch Goals, oh and there's rumblings of a secret Stretch Goal at $215,000! [SHHHH]. Not too shabby for everyone’s favorite indie game! We have also surpassed an incredible backer milestone and have 2,051! We fixed the stairs last time, but maybe now we’re going to need to get a larger weight limit approved for the elevators so you guys aren’t tripping over each other exploring.

In week two you have not slowed down one bit with the social goal submissions! We can hardly keep up and we might run out of goals at this rate! Seeing all your amazing submissions has been a blast. We're super fans of yours and we LOVE seeing all of your creative content, keep 'em coming!

With everyone’s submissions, we have unlocked a total of 24 cards from even more incredible artists in The Nightmare Deck! 

Thank you as always for all of your support! Without you all we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do and make such a great game for a great IP!

What Did We Do?

For everyone who may be new in town, we highly encourage taking a look at some of these linked posts from the last week!

And while you’re there, make sure to follow all of Steve Gabry and Maestro Media’s social media accounts so you don’t miss anything surrounding the campaign as we begin the second half of the festivities!

Maestro Media Socials:

Steve Gabry Socials:

If anyone needs anything, we will be deep below the apartment complex, combing carefully through every comment and question you may have! If you don’t want to wait for our two wonderful Maestro accounts to answer your question, we have a helpful little FAQ we made! Dustin, whom you may know from a particular stream (, worked very hard on it so make sure to at least peek at it once to make him feel better! Don’t make Dustin sad. No one wants a sad Dustin. See you guys soon with another exciting update!

Remember the Livestream TONIGHT!

Time Zones are weird, in the US we've already switched to Daylight Savings Time... or out of DST, I don't know. But, the important thing is that the our livestream is at a "different time" for most people outside of the US this week. We'll be livestreaming at 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific, which is now 9PM GMT (+4 GMT). Synchronize your watches, you DO NOT want to miss this livestream!

~The Maestro Team