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Solo Mode & Fifth Player Stretch Goal ✓ DONE!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 26, 2023 at 04:09:27 PM

Hello Friends,

We've DONE IT! A backer pledged for the Strange Prototype tier, pushing us over that next Stretch Goal hump and we've hit $250,000! Thank you to our mysterious benefactor! The prototype is a crazy piece of Sally Face history and a one-of-a-kind collector's item! 

Solo Mode

We've now added a way to play the game solo. This mode brings us back to the video game roots. Explore the Addison Apartments by yourself, vanquishing villains and solving mysteries as your friends cheer you along, helping you by giving boosts when you most need them. While we're still testing out the fine points of this mode, we're thrilled to be able to include it in the game and will have more about it in a solo mode deep dive after the campaign is over.

Fifth Player

The mystery surrounding the 5th player is finally solved.

Welcome, Travis Phelps! The fifth playable character in the game. For those unfamiliar with the video game, Travis is sometimes shown bullying Sal. There's so much more to him though and we're proud to include him in the game. What new stories can be told as you play Travis in Strange Nightmares?

The FINAL Stretch Goal

With just 4 days remaining, we're happy to show off our final Stretch Goal at $300,000. And we're going a bit meta, but you all have been clamoring for it in the comments and on the livestream. We're adding the creator himself into the game! At $300K you will unlock the Steve Gabry and Portable Moose Item Cards. These powerful items can help turn the tide in the direst of times, giving you a boost at a critical moment. This is a Super Strange Nightmares (Deluxe Version) exclusive, so make sure you're pledged to a Super Strange Nightmares tier (all tiers except Creeper, Strange Nightmares, Retail Strange Nightmares, and Strange Boxes).

In addition, we will unlock the bonus finale cards for Stories 2 and 3 for Super Strange Nightmares. We unlocked Story 1's two bonus finale cards in an earlier Stretch Goal, and now we're unlocking two more for Story 2 and two more for Story 3!

Question of the Day!

It's a very Travis-y edition of QotD! Check the bottom of every day's update and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments

Today's Question: For fans of the video game: Who do you think was the recipient of Travis's note? For new fans: What Strange Nightmares playable character do you want to know more about?

~The Maestro Team

Saturday Night Lore Drop
about 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 25, 2023 at 08:51:55 PM

Hello Friends!

Wow, can you believe there's just over 4 days left in the campaign?! It's been such a fun and crazy ride and we can't say enough how amazing everyone is. Since it's Saturday, Steve convinced us that we should do another Lore Drop to get everyone hyped for the final 4! If you missed the first couple, check them out here and here!

What a beautiful piece of trivia. It's both heartwarming and devastating. Way to get me right in the feels Steve!

Help Spread the Word

We're just under $8,000 away from unlocking possibly the BIGGEST Stretch Goal of the campaign. Now is the time to tell all of your friends to pledge along with you!

Remember, we have a referral program for the campaign to reward everyone who thinks they can help more people discover this awesome project! If you’d like to help, you can sign up for our affiliate program using the link here! With every pledge generated from your link, you earn a 10% commission! Spread the word, get paid, retire early! It’s that easy!

Question of the Day!

It's a late night (early morning for some, middle of the afternoon for others) edition of QotD! Check the bottom of every day's update and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments!

Today's Question: What or who would you like to see more of in the next Sally Face project?

~The Maestro Team

Social Challenge #9 Starts NOW! | Backer Appreciation
about 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 24, 2023 at 09:59:52 AM

Hello Friends!

There's just six days left in the campaign and wowzers, what a ride it's been so far. We've been loving getting to know you all with the question of the day, and getting to see YOUR creativity with all of these Social Challenges. We're not done yet though, there are still 2 sets of challenges left, and we're starting #9 RIGHT NOW!

Social Goals #9

I'd like to revisit this last set of challenges though, it was all about the artists, and WOW there was a lot of you. You destroyed the last set of challenges with over 100 submissions. I wish we could share everything here, but this post would be huge if we did, so here's a small portion of the fantastic things you all did:

And because of all of these submissions and a special pop-up challenge asking for people to draw Steve Gabry and Dustin from The Maestro Team as plushies (with Kai the cat in the picture), you all unlocked these six cards from The Nightmares Deck!

We're getting back together!

As a reminder, we're not doing the livestream on Tuesday, March 28th! We're instead doing it on the last night of the campaign, March 30th! On the 28th, Steve and Dustin will be at Game Masters in Pittsburgh, PA from 6-10 pm (local time AKA EST) hanging out, playing games, and demoing Sally Face: Strange Nightmares. This is not the same sort of thing as our Celebration at Bold Escape Rooms early in the campaign. We're just going to be chillin' and demoing games at the game store. If you're around, it'd be great to see you, there is a $5 cover, but with that $5 you get access not only to our demos but the other demos that are happening that night! AND DO NOT MISS the final livestream of the campaign on March 30th!

Question of the Day!

It's that time again, the question of the day! Check the bottom of every day's update and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments!

Today's Question: What is your favorite thing about Sally Face?

~The Maestro Team

One Week Left Lore Drop!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 23, 2023 at 11:35:40 AM

Well Friends, here we are.

THE FINAL WEEK. The beginning of the end of the campaign. BUT NOT THE END! Don't worry, we're not going anywhere! In celebration of the final week, Steve wrote up another piece of Sally Face Lore!

If you haven't been watching the Livestreams (HERE, HeRe, hErE, here, and heRe), you haven't heard all the lore drops that have happened! And if you didn't read the last Lore Drop you've been missing out on all the secret stuff! Without further ado:

Amazing, more Ashley lore! This is so cool to see!

Question of the Day!

Ah 'tis true, it's time for the question of the day! Check the bottom of every day's update and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments!

Today's Question: Who is your favorite villain from the game and why? Put [Spoilers] at the top if you're going to spoil something in the game!

~The Maestro Team

March 21st Livestream Recap
about 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 22, 2023 at 09:58:14 AM

Hey Friends,

If you missed the livestream, you can catch the replay HERE.

We answered a ton of questions, introduced the TRAVIS PLUSH!! and talked about shipping. I'll briefly sum them up here as best I can, but seriously, go check out the livestream for all your Q's A'd!

Shipping & VAT

We wanted to make sure it was very clear, shipping and any duties/taxes are NOT currently added to your pledge. Those will be due during the pledge manager, Backerkit, portion of the campaign. We have estimates of shipping costs on the campaign page, near the bottom. For backers in the UK/EU, we also have to charge VAT, which is different for each country, so those prices are not added to that handy graph. We don't want there to be any surprises, so we discussed it during the stream.

New Social Goal!

Congratulations! Right before the stream went up, you all completed the 7th round of Social Goals and we're thrilled to announce the 8th round is now live! We need all the artists out there to participate in this round, there's a lot! If you've been waiting, if you did a couple but haven't done one lately, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!


If you watched the livestream, we threw in a bonus social goal that if completed will unlock 2 additional cards in The Nightmares Deck.

This week's bonus social goal is: Draw a plushie version of Steve and a plushie version of Dustin, holding hands with Kai (Beneeta's cat) somewhere in the picture. If you need a reference, head to the livestream at about the 34:52 mark.

If you'd like to participate, post your image on Twitter, Instagram, or Tiktok and tag @themaestroteam & @portablemoose (@portablemoose1 on TikTok) with the hashtag #strangenightmares.


Due to popular demand, we're proud and thrilled to announce that we've added The Travis Plush as an add-on!

Yes, these are just mockups, but as we get samples from the factory, we will absolutely share the little beauties in updates! REMEMBER if you'd like add-ons, you will add those to your cart during the pledge manager, Backerkit after the Kickstarter campaign is over. There is nothing to do during the live Kickstarter except add bonus support if you'd like to help us reach more Stretch Goals. That all is discussed in this Update if you have questions.

Question of the Day!

G'day! It's the Question of the Day! Ya, I just rhymed day with day, deal with it. Check the bottom of every day's update and then answer in the comments section of the update or the campaign comments!

Today's Question: What is your favorite headcanon? Please put [SPOILERS] at the top if you're going to talk about something spoilery! [Headcanon is something that isn't official lore, but feels like it fits].

We're just about to enter the last week of the campaign! We're so excited! Are you excited!? Get it excited! This is exciting!

~The Maestro Team